33rd Half Marathon and 2nd 10km Community Fun Run

Half Marathon

The 33rd running of this iconic Canberra running event was conducted in perfect weather albeit rain had been forecast.  However, the drizzle stopped just as I pulled the gear trailer to a stop near the race finish line at 05:30 and it remained clear all day, not raining until 11pm that night.   It is an undulating and challenging course, all run on bike paths, with no road crossovers, thus it is a safe and extremely scenic course with views over Lake Burley Griffin for most of it.

2019 Half Marathon Start

2019 Half Marathon Start

There weren’t as many hot air balloons overhead this year but a few could be seen throughout both events, adding to the scenery.

For the first time in the event’s illustrious and long history we used electronic timing. Distinctive timing bibs for each race had been purchased and a number of overseas runners bought their bib after the race to keep as a souvenir.  The timing system worked well and we will keep that feature as part of our future events.  Electronic timing allowed us to upload results onto our Facebook page in real time for the first time.   We also introduced engraved Canberra Redbacks medals for the second and third runners in the half marathon and for the each of the 10 year age group winners.  The male and female winners of the half marathon got to hold the perpetual trophy for a little while and then returned it to have their names engraved on it.  They each received an engraved ‘keepsake’ trophy.

Congratulations to the first three male and female place getters in the half marathon:

Position Name Bib GunTime ChipTime
1 Michael Roeger 113 01:07:27 01:07:26
2 Glen Sturesteps 129 01:19:52 01:19:51
3 Liam Ryan 114 01:21:41 01:21:40
1 Monique De Abreu 42 01:25:12 01:25:10
2 Emily Stacey 127 01:32:12 01:32:08
3 Margie Morrison 92 01:35:35 01:35:31

Readers may recall that the event was cancelled in 2017 and consequently many of our previous participants drifted away to other events and numbers were low in 2018 when we restarted the series.  Last year there were only 69 individual entrants and two relay teams competing in the half marathon.  30% of participants were female.   This year the numbers increased to 160 and 8 respectively.   36% of the field were female.  Confidence is high that participant numbers will increase significantly again in 2020.

Congratulations also to the age group winner and runners up:

Place Age Group Name Bib Gun Time Chip Time Pace (min/K)
1. Female 40-49 Serena Lawlor 79 01:47:31 01:47:26 5:05
2. Female 40-49 Oneeka Robb 111 01:47:56 01:47:48 5:06
1. Female 50-59 Anita Scherrer 115 01:47:02 01:46:52 5:04
2. Female 50-59 Pam Muston 95 01:52:38 01:52:34 5:20
1. Female 60-69 Clare Wall 137 01:53:03 01:52:59 5:21
2. Female 60-69 Jennifer Kellett 70 01:54:46 01:54:38 5:26
1. Female 70-79 Susan Archer 2 01:50:26 01:50:21 5:14
1. Male 40-49 Ben Crabb 33 01:22:07 01:22:06 3:53
2. Male 40-49 Scott Martin 85 01:23:28 01:23:25 3:57
1. Male 50-59 Jeff Grey 59 01:26:46 01:26:44 4:06
2. Male 50-59 Dave Graham 57 01:29:06 01:29:01 4:13
1. Male 60-69 Peter Clarke 28 01:36:13 01:36:08 4:33
2. Male 60-69 Brian Weiss 140 01:39:13 01:39:10 4:42
1. Male 70-79 Michael Wilson 144 02:09:37 02:09:28 6:08
2. Male 70-79 Daniel Cole 30 02:12:41 02:12:29 6:17


With eight (8) relay teams contesting the half marathon competition was bound to be fierce.

Bricat Jen Bright Isaac Muscat
Creekers Belinda Read Wayne Read
Dusty’s Peter Daly Colin Reid Jason Phong
Fit CC Rachel Haynes Clementine O’Sullivan
JT Multisport Kim Cayser Estelle Canellas Vicki Resch
Millers Nathan Miller Erin Miller
Squish Squash David Baussmann Lorraine Rae
Two Young 70plus Margaret McSpadden Caroline Campbell

Team Bricat, comprising mother and son, ran out the victors in a very smart time of 1.26.43

Place Name Bib Number Time Pace (min/K)
1 Bricat 201 01:26:43 4:06
2 JT Multisport 205 01:41:34 4:48
3 Dusty’s 203 01:42:57 4:52


10 Km Community Fun Run

A 10Km Community Fun Run event was introduced last year to try and tap into the Park Run market.

2019 10km Start

2019 10km Start

However, only 31 participants entered, which was disappointing.  However, participant numbers increased to 55 this year.  An impressive 58% of these were female. Hopefully this number will increase over time.  One such participant was Graham Burke who readers might recall ran his 23rd Weston Creek half marathon last year making him the leader over Jim White who has run 22.

The full results can be found elsewhere on the web site but congratulations to:

1 Adam Leane 1032 00:38:14 00:38:12 M40-49
2 Andrew Leigh 1033 00:38:58 00:38:56 M40-49
3 Iain Johnstone 1028 00:42:10 00:42:08 M40-49
1 Lilian Anderson 1001 00:40:43 00:40:41 F20-29
2 Ellen Bradley 1005 00:43:58 00:43:56 F30-39
3 Vanessa Haverd 1024 00:44:38 00:44:36 F40-49


The event could not be run without the help of lots of volunteers and I thank all members of the Canberra Redbacks who assisted before and/or on the day, especially the Caley family.  Thanks also to our sponsor, Nick Walshe of The Runners Shop, and Craig Wisdom, of the Kingston Physiotherapy who provided four barrel draw prizes.


Robbie Costmeyer

Assistant Event Organiser

21 April 2019

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