Dr Philo Saunders elected as the Club’s 20th Life Member

Philo Saunders

Philo Saunders has been a member of the Weston Creek Athletics Club since 2001, he has been on the committee since 2003, became the Club Registrar in 2006 and is still currently in that position. Philo has been the club historian since 2012, and took up the role as Club President in 2017 both roles he is still performing for the club.

Philo has been an active member of the club for the past 18 years and has represented the club with distinction as an athlete where he has represented the club at multiple National track, cross country and half marathon championships and has competed regularly at local competitions in Canberra. Philo has been active in organising club events including relays, social gatherings and functions (including multiple life member’s dinners) and has always competed for the club where possible on the road, track and cross country events. When not competing Philo always turns up to support club athletes competing. Philo has always helped out on the day for Weston Creek’s two big events in the Half-Marathon and Fun Run, and has taken an active role in the organising committee for the Half Marathon in 2018 and 2019. Philo has taken a role as club coach and has brought many of the athletes he coaches into the club as members.

As a committee member for nearly 2 decades Philo has actively been involved in keeping the club active and vibrant by bringing in new members, advocating support to club members competing nationally and internationally, and being involved in discussions about the future direction of the club.

His nomination was endorsed by: Robbie Costmeyer, Ken Eynon, Ken Sweeney (Life membership sub-committee) and Rohan Lowry (Treasurer).

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