The results of the 2022 Weston Creek 10K Community Fun Run are below. You can get more information on MyRaceResult, where participants can also download a finisher’s certificate.

Check out the Photo Gallery too.

Well done to all participants!

Overall PlaceName and BibTimeAge GroupCategory Winners
1.Tim Barnett (1004)00:33:44M20-291st Male
2.Natasha Cole (1009)00:40:47F30-39First Female
3.Paul Stephens (1037)00:41:22M50-59Age Group Winner
4.Cameron Curry (1012)00:44:24M30-39Age Group Winner
5.Michael Crossley (1011)00:46:27M30-39
6.James O’ Neill (1029)00:47:22M50-59
7.Nicholas Mulligan (1027)00:47:38M20-29
8.Nigel England (1016)00:50:55M50-59
9.Kathryn Sliwinski (1036)00:51:20F30-39
10.Jane Godkin (1019)00:52:34F40-49Age Group Winner
11.David Baussmann (1005)00:52:44M70-79Age Group Winner
12.Tony Britton (1006)00:55:10M40-49Age Group Winner
13.Emily Schuster (1034)00:55:22F30-39
14.Richard Lovell (1024)00:55:47M40-49
15.Christopher Foley (1017)00:56:07M50-59
16.Maria O’Reilly (1044)00:56:56F60-69Age Group Winner
17.Jennifer Loutit (1023)00:57:21F30-39
18.Katie Gersekowski (1018)00:58:24F20-29Age Group Winner
19.Seren Johnson (1022)00:58:57F20-29
20.Alissa Doran (1013)00:59:22F20-29
21.Lauren Hutchinson (1021)01:00:49F20-29
22.Jackson Low (1047)01:01:09M20-29
23.Carika Nagel (1028)01:02:56F40-49
24.Jaime Cisterna (1007)01:03:03M40-49
25.Jim White (1041)01:04:39M70-79
26.Audie Wallbrink (1040)01:05:38F20-29
27.Betsy Bailetti (1001)01:07:36F20-29
28.Eric Wainwright (1045)01:10:00M70-79
29.Eva Rincon (1033)01:11:23F40-49
30.Margaret Duignan (1014)01:14:19F30-39
31.Tania Pollard (1032)01:23:32F50-59Age Group Winner
32.Richard Crane (1010)01:23:33M50-59
33.Lorna England (1015)01:30:17F60-69

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